Hints for taking the practical driving test

taking the driving testThere's no magic formula for passing your driving test - but here's some advice that will certainly be helpful.

  • Get a good night's sleep before the test
  • Dress comfortably - make yourself feel good
  • Have confidence in your ability

Listen carefully to the examiner's instructions, act on them in good time, and ask for them to be repeated if necessary.

Give the examiner a beautifully smooth drive, one that both of you can enjoy. If you make a decision that you think could be misjudged by the examiner, explain your reasons while you drive. Maintain your best standard to the very end of the test.

The examiner just wants to see what you would normally do - nothing that you do not already know. If you come across a new situation, hold back and assess it carefully before you decide to proceed and be prepared to change your decision if necessary.


What to do after a pass?

The most common reasons for failing the test: girl ripping up l plates

  • Taking the test too soon, with insufficient driving experience
  • Driving differently from normal (e.g. faster or slower)
  • Reduction or loss of concentration, creating driving errors
  • Impairment of assessment and decision-making abilities creating driving errors
  • Inadequate driving skills because of poor teaching


What if you fail?