Highway code app for smart phones now available

highway codeYou can now buy a Highway Code app for your iPhone. Costs £3.99. We recomend this for all road users. Learners can track their progress with tests at the end of each section.












Here are 6 reasons to get the app:

  1. Read – read and search the complete contents of The Official Highway Code

  2. Learn – track your progress as you read, and check what you’ve learnt with a quick test at the end of each section

  3. Traffic signs – browse signs or use the interactive sign matcher to find signs and road markings

  4. Quizzes – take Highway Code and traffic sign quizzes – a fun way to make sure your knowledge is up-to-date

  5. Extras – loads of extra features including a stopping distance calculator, metric convertor and videos

  6. For everyone – the Highway Code is for all road users, including car, van, lorry, bus, tractor drivers, motorbike, bicycle and horse riders, and pedestrians

Get the official app for your iPhone here