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My name is Mark Sellick and I have been in the training business for over thirty years. I have been involved in training all my working life starting in materials handling. From this I gained a lot of experience which I put towards starting my own business.

I served my "apprenticeship" as a driving instructor with BSM and the AA. I have many successful clients and my pass rate is consistently above the national average.

Based in Telford I am in a position to offer highly competitive, friendly and comprehensive instruction for anyone who wants to pass their car test. My philosophy is not just to train people to pass a test, (many other schools do that), we want our students to be safe, responsible drivers who also have some basic knowledge of cars!

The benefits of driving cars with automatic gear boxes

For many years I offered lessons on cars with both manual and automatic gearboxes but the demand for automatic driving lessons has increased enormously over the years to the point where there are not enough hours in the day so nowadays I provide automatic driving lessons only.

Modern day cars with automatic transmissions are extremely reliable and very easy to drive. It also makes it much easier to pass your test so no wonder they are popular.

Good, safe driving shouldn't be limited to passing your test. I also like to encourage successful students to take a pass plus course which can easily save a young driver a lot of money on insurance premiums and can help to make you a safer driver for life.

I want this site to be informative so when we discover any changes to motoring/driving regulations I will publish them here. I also publish this information and news of test successes on my Facebook Page

Thank you for visiting this web site. You can contact me to talk about automatic driving lessons by clicking on my contact page.

Please feel free to check out my latest test passes, all of whom have given me permission to use their picture.