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automatic driving test passes 2019

Congratulations Rachael Beckett from Hadley fantastic result passed your driving test today first time with only 1 minor fault absolutely smashed it, so proud of you see you on the roads.

I can't thankyou enough Mark Sellick you really made me feel at ease. I will miss our funny conversations. Thankyou again.
Congratulations Jayne Bluck from Hadley for passing your driving test yesteday, 14th November 2019 at the forst attempt with only 4 minor faults

Gemma from Priorslee passed her driving test yesterday with 9 minor faults. Gemma says "Big thank you to Mark Sellick / AES School Of Motoring for helping me finally get my license! After two other instructors that made me want to give up Mark has truly got me feeling safe and confident on the road. Can’t recommend him enough!"


Janet Elizabeth from Woodside passed her driving test on October 14th 2019 with only 4 minor faults.
Dan from Wellington passed his driving test in July 2019 at the first attempt scoring only six minor faults.
July 2019. Congratulations Muditha on passing your driving test July 2019 with only 4 minor faults. Muditha says "Thank you for all your patience and guidance I’m over the moon. Thanks again"
Lucy passed her driving test in July 2019 attaining only 4 minor faults.
Gareth from Brookside passed both his theory and practical test first time and obtained only four minor faults on his practical on April 30th 2019.
Paul from Apley passed his automatic driving test on April 29th 2019 with only six minor faults.
Gladys Robinson passed her automatic driving test with only four minor faults on 27th March 2019.
Nittaya Passed her driving test today, 22nd march 2019 with only three minor penalties.
Congratulations Mark Edwards from Admaston passed his driving test with six minor faults
Beth Mynott from Newport passed her driving test on january 25th with only eight minor faults
John from Madeley passed his driving test at the first attempt with only four minor faults


What a great start to 2019. Chelsea passed her driving test with zero penalties. She is only the second person to do it in the eighteen years I have been in business. Very well done.
Andy says "Couldn't’ be happier! Passed both my theory and practical first time! Thanks to Mark Sellick for his lessons and keeping consistent with me! Anyone looking for driving lesson he’s the man you want! "
Congratulations Dimitri Dimitri from Lilleshall passing your driving test in October with only 6 minor faults