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cars with automatic gearboxes

automatic gearboxIf you don't fancy changing gear as many people don't, why not consider taking your test in an automatic vehicle? This does remove one of the most difficult things that beginners have to contend with - changing gears!

You should be aware that passing a test in an automatic vehicle only allows you to drive an automatic afterwards.

A word about modern automatics. Please do not be influenced by stories from people who drove automatic cars in the early days. They might tell you about unreliability and expensive repairs. Whilst that was true, for the last 40 years, automatics have been very reliable and simple to use, they don't use more fuel than a manual which used to be the case and providing they are serviced properly, should last thousands of miles without problems.

Many people believe that you have less control with an automatic but that is not the case. Unless you want to enter a motor race, (when manual is best), an automatic has many advantages. They are easy to control, use about the same amount of fuel as a manual and are fantastic when you get stuck in traffic and you watch all those other drivers struggling to keep creeping along whilst you simply tap one pedal occasionally. There are people who just won't drive a manual car and 90 per cent of cars in the USA are autos! As a bonus they are also safer and it's easier to pass your test!

Pictured above is the interior of our Peugeot 208 Automatic car which we use for lessons. These great little cars make learning to drive a pleasure as, whilst they are large inside and have plenty of room for the driver and passengers, they also have outstanding visibility to the front and rear making fixed manoeuvres and reversing much easier and these are both requirements of the test.


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